New "Super-Willamette" from Belle Pente!

We love Belle Pente Pinots and know you do, too. Their Murto vineyard, delicious! Their Estate Reserve and Belle Pente vineyard, spectacular! So what if we told you that for the first time ever, Belle Pente took reserve-level barrels of Murto and Belle Pente vineyards to create a Super-Willamette blend at a Clark Kent price?

Introducing Belle Pente's "Super Willamette," the Cuvée Classé 2018!

A year ago no one in the wine business knew what to expect from the coming year...and beyond. Some wineries made savvy moves to beef up their value offerings, like our good friends at Belle Pente. Their Cuvée Classé is even more than the reserve-level quality at the value priceit's the chance to taste two fabulous, deep-rooted vineyards harmonizing. We love it and guarantee you will, too.

$26.95 in any 12 bottle or Build a Case order ($29.95 regular)

Us: An outstanding value from the outstanding 2018 vintage, there's little more to say. We fully expect you to be bowled over by it's total yumminess.

Belle Pente: This is a brand new wine for the 2018 vintage, a blend of 26 “reserve quality” barrels, 2/3 from our Belle Pente estate vineyard in Yamhill-Carlton and 1/3 from Murto Vineyard in the Dundee Hills. These barrels were “de-classified” from the single vineyard bottlings to create a “Super Willamette” blend from these two great vineyards in the top appellations within the valley. Since it is definitely more “class” than “de-class,” we are naming it Cuvée Classé.