New Cameron Dundee Hills...Don't Buy This Wine!

Don't buy this wine!

Okay, we're obviously joking but when it comes to Cameron's sub-$30 Pinots, the last thing we need is to drum up even more demand. No matter the vintage, no matter the production amount, the feeding frenzy begins months before release and keeps firing months after it's sold out.

So here we are, staring at the 2019 Cameron Dundee Hills Pinot noir. Cameron and value Pinot loyalists, you know the drill. This isn't your Pinot purchase to put off until next week. End your Zoom meeting, pause your puttthere'll be time for those things later but now, it's time to lock in your Cameron Dundee Hills Pinot.

$29.95 in any 12 bottle or Build a Case order ($32.95 regular)

From old vines in Abbey Ridge (~85%) and Clos Electrique (~15%) Vineyards, Cameron's two crown jewel vineyards, the nose is all Abbey Ridge and that's a really good thing: of all the reasons we love Abbey Ridge, #1 is its wonderful aromatic signature of dark red fruit perfume, lavender and rose. Dark raspberry and black cherry carry through to the Clos Electrique part of it: right before the finish, there's a little dance of subtly smoky mineral action. All this great complexity but it's the silky frame that'll keep you mesmerized sip after sip.
Shipping May 21!