Lifeblood $16 Willamette Valley Pinot

There's something truly spooky afoot in the Willamette Valley. Quality, small-production, integrity-filled, under-$20 Willamette Valley Pinot noir is disappearing.

Thankfully, not from the cellars of McKinlay. Their lifeblood Willamette Valley Pinot noir returns to show the rest of world how it's done. It's everything a Willamette Valley Pinot noir should be, wrapped into this stunningly inexpensive wine. Silky, pure, fruit-filled, versatile, priced for Tuesday (or even Monday) nights. We love it! 

McKinlay Willamette Valley Pinot noir 2015

$16.15 in any 12 bottle or Build a Case* order ($17.95 regular)

We often say that we only like to sell wine that we like to drink and damn, do we like to drink this! Effusive cherry plays perfectly with fresh black raspberry on the silky, refreshing finish. As deep as our fondness for the 2014 ran, we like the 2015 better.

McKinlay is often referred to as one of the most "Burgundian" styled Willamette Valley producers. With acquisitions of Oregon vineyards by some of Burgundy's top houses, and high-profile Burgundian winemakers increasingly dabbling in Oregon wine, we're not even sure what that means anymore. So instead we'll say this: McKinlay is one of the most "Oregonian" wineries. The wines are loaded with integrity, deliver far past their humble pricing, and are more substance than style (though you'll get plenty of beautiful style in this McKinlay Pinot noir).