Incredible Italian Deals—Time to Restock!

They're baaaaaaaaaaack!

We're squarely into the 2017 Barolo vintage and will see the occasional 2016 Barolo Riserva at what will be historic prices. That makes the re-arrival of Reverdito Barolo 2016 even more thrilling. The best kind of blast from the past because it's here, now, and ready to ship: the deal of the entire 2016 Barolo vintage. If you've drunk all yours from last year or just know that deals like this don't come along often enough, it's time to fill spaces in your wine racks.

Speaking of restocking favorite Italian deals, we also have a new stash of what's shaping up to be the Tuscan deal of the vintage/year: Tolaini Valdisanti 2018. 95 points Wine Spectator, sub-$30 makes it a heavy contender for Spectator's Top 10 (that's 10) wines of 2022! Oh yeah, and it's delicious, too!

$28.95 in any 12 bottle or Build a Case order ($31.95 regular)

The deal of the entire, legendary 2016 vintage. Yeah, that good and that cheap. Reverdito Barolo has always been a spectacular value in Barolo but the new vintages (beginning in 2015) are steps above all of their predecessors, particularly in silkiness and elegance. It makes sense—Dante Scaglione, who spent 15 years as head oenologist for Bruno Giacosa, one of Piedmont's legendary producers, became the consultant for Reverdito in 2015. His influence is clearly felt through an overall refined elegance, evolving from "it's good for the price" to "it's good!"

In past vintages I've advised decanting for early drinking but at this price? You can do whatever you want! That said, it has tons of life ahead of it should you want to tuck some away. Why drink Langhe Nebbiolo while you wait for your Barolo to age when you can drink Barolo?!

$28.95 in any 12 bottle or Build a Case order ($31.95 regular)

95 points Wine Spectator, "Hot Wine": "A vibrant, lively red, this boasts cherry, raspberry and floral aromas and flavors, accented by toasty oak. Deftly balanced and persistent, firming up nicely in the end, with terrific length and freshness. Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc. Best from 2024 through 2042."