Get These Wines: Violin Cellars 2017 Pinots

Last year we advised you to get on board with Will Hamilton's Violin Cellars. So many of you did and we heard 100% positives. 

The man who puts music in your mouth is back with a new set of outstanding 2017 Pinot noirs. And we're in the same position a year later: wholeheartedly, unreservedly advising you to get these wines. They represent all that's right in the Willamette Valley: authentic, substance-over-style wines that deliver remarkable value.

Will's enthusiasm and genuineness beams from his smile and shines through his thoroughly captivating new set of wines. Take it from these two Willamette Valley Pinot experts, and fans: get these wines!

Violin Willamette Valley Pinot noir 2017
$22.45 in any 12 bottle or Build a Case* order
($24.95 regular) 
Absolutely top notch, quintessential Willamette Valley Pinot and a bargain to boot. Welcoming from the beginning, opening with strawberry and black cherry before picking up a deep savor with a few moments in the glass. A wonderful balance of warm and cool tones, a plethora of subtle detail, and unusual length for buck. Thanks, Will, for another exceptional value! - Marcus

Violin Justice Vineyard Pinot noir 2017
$49.45 in any 12 bottle or Build a Case* order
($54.95 regular) 
A tale of two sides (soils) in Justice Vineyard leads to a Pinot with two sides: dark and showy; wound up and energetic. The two sides begin to merge quickly, with electricity pulsing through bold, beautiful darkness. An exotic, mouthwatering fruit note appears -- salt flecks on passion fruit -- before the striking blue-black fruited intensity of Justice establishes its hold. Accents of violets and sage add depth and dimension (as if it needed more!), creating a dynamic, powerful Pinot. As we've found so far in the best 2017 Pinots, it's deliciously engaging now while boasting the kind of structure to reward a decade of age. A May Reserve Pinot Noir Club selection, only 45 cases total were made so hurry to this.
The Bethel Heights family, who own and farm Justice, describe it as "marrying volcanic topsoil with the ancient sea-floor beneath, our Justice Vineyard tells a captivating tale of two soils. The result is a taut, vibrating structure enveloped in ample, dark flesh." Exactly.

Will spent the last several years with Justice Vineyard as his daily winemaking view; he made his wines at Walter Scott until the 2017 vintage. - Marcus 
We're looking forward to helping you with an order. Thanks for reading and for your support!

Marcus and Andy