From Start-Up to Must-Have: Lingua Franca 2017s

We have to remind ourselves that 2017 is only Lingua Franca's third vintage. Their impact on Willamette Valley's wine scene is outsized; the accolades, the fandom, the respect from within the wine industry makes us feel as though they've been around for at least a decade.

Lingua Franca has released two new Pinots that are easily among their most exceptional yet, our favorite two wines of their 2017s. From start-up a mere three years ago to must-have today.

O.F.Y. it smells amazing! Red fruit essence, spice and floral accents -- lifting right out of the glass and to your senses. Then it begins building...stacking luscious layers of texture and whole cluster complexity wrapped in pretty and pure Pinot glory. Elegance and depth to spare.

The Plow pays tribute to Lingua Franca's vineyard workers and growers, who use organic and biodynamic farming methods, striving to disturb the vineyard soils as little as possible. 

It comes down to one word: brilliant. As much the wine as the vineyard and mind behind it. The rigorously intellectual, deeply mystical fostering of ecological diversity and complexities in Mimi Casteel's Hope Well vineyard is translated into contemplative and celebratory wine. For the third year in a row, the finest expression of Pinot noir in the Lingua Franca cellar.

Mimi's Mind is a combination of a wall-sized color palette, a bookshelf of encyclopedias, a grand piano with an extra octave on each register. It is elegant, energetic, deeply structured -- a treat to savor over days or even better, to tuck away for a future special moment. - Marcus

The greatness of Lingua Franca's Pinot noirs is matched by their Chardonnay prowess. Don't miss the exquisite Estate Chard!

Smells mouthwatering, tastes mouthwatering! Our kind of Chard: lemony heaven, from fresh to custard creme, with the ideal balance of richness and brilliant precision. Sophisticated accents of chamomile and pristine-glacial-stream-over-rock (esoteric, but if you hike in Oregon, it's one of those unmistakable parts of life you can't live without). 

Half of Lingua Franca's Estate Chardonnay vineyard is planted to cuttings from vines found in the Montrachet vineyard, the source of the world's most famous Chardonnay (and perhaps, white wine). - Marcus