Floored by Ayoub 2017s

My notes for Ayoub's 2017 wines have been written for a couple weeks, but I've struggled with how to introduce them. I've been careful and self-editing, with the ever-present concern of not sounding over-the-top or overly authoritative. But the facts are, I've tasted every vintage of Ayoub -- fifteen -- and watched Oregon's wine industry mature in the process. Along the way I've talked with countless Pinot fans who've helped inform my opinions.
The simple conclusion I've come to: Ayoub is unquestionably one of Oregon's best producers; Ayoub's Estate Pinot noir is unquestionably one of the best wines made in our state. It takes a lot to impress me, and I was floored by Mo Ayoub's 2017s, from top to bottom. If you buy only one, make it the truly transcendent Estate, though I think now is the time and the vintage to dig deep and add them all.  
Ayoub Estate Pinot noir 2017
$58.45 in any 12 bottle or Build a Case* order ($64.95 regular) 
One of the most exquisite Pinot noirs in the entire Willamette Valley, Ayoub's Estate defies conventional descriptors. Even more about feel than flavor, it's a silky, sensual wine that's an absolute must-have for Oregon Pinot lovers. 
Mo's Estate Pinot always comes back to one word: silk. It's the texture and the way the wine moves. Since I don't have to stick to one word, I can say that the 2017 Estate is aromatically gorgeous, too, boasting red fruits and nutmeg cream. The elegant, understated power surges effortlessly, creating a sense of completeness.  
Having tasted each and every vintage of Ayoub Pinot noir, I am fully confident in agreeing with Mo that this is one of his best Estate Pinots ever and will be an exceptionally long-lived wine. I recommend letting the '17 rest for a few months before trying it and drinking it over the next fifteen years. - Marcus
Ayoub Anonimo Vineyard Pinot noir 2017
$49.45 in any 12 bottle or Build a Case* order ($54.95 regular) 
At first impression, a darker version of the Dundee Hills and then oh yeah! it's silky and round with immediate deep charm. Showing its vibrant evolution, the Dundee light switch flicks on to reveal scrumptious red fruit sweetness accented by Mandarin orange. Beguilingly detailed with elements of whole cluster-complexity, Anonimo is a wildly exciting new wine for Ayoub which we'll see for many years to come; Mo has a long-term lease on the four-acre vineyard, a stone's throw from his estate vineyard and winery. Mo planted Anonimo to nine different clones of Pinot noir, which he credits for the wine's beautiful complexity. - Marcus
Ayoub ??? Vineyards Pinot noir 2017
$49.45 in any 12 bottle or Build a Case* order ($54.95 regular) 
That's a wow-nose of a rainbow of fruits, with signature characteristics of each "secret" vineyard source on display: dark fruited and minerally from one, red fruited and spicy from another, round and delicious to finish. Excellent density and stuffing, and a big finish to boot. Way to go, Mo! - Marcus
Ayoub Memoirs Pinot noir 2017
$35.05 in any 12 bottle or Build a Case* order ($38.95 regular) 
Another fantastic Memoirs, this wine offers a wonderful introduction to one of Willamette Valley's top wineries. Beaming with black cherry and attractive spices, it shows subtle power, excellent freshness, and is a thoroughly engaging wine today that will also age nicely should you be able to resist drinking it over the coming months. - Marcus  
Ayoub Chardonnay 2017
$44.95 in any 12 bottle or Build a Case* order ($49.95 regular) 
Mo talks a big Chardonnay game and he is right to! This is his most complete Chardonnay yet. Tons of energy to go with the richness, evident immediately by the beautifully balanced aromas honey-drizzled brioche dusted with lemon zest. Layers of fruit -- first pear, then yellow and orange citrus -- come on strong. Everything is wound together by threads of fresh acidity and minerals. Undeniably engaging right now, this will also age gracefully for up to a decade. Very often highly rated...after it is long sold out. Don't procrastinate! - Marcus
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Marcus and Andy