Famous Winemaker + $24.95 Pinot = Case Buy!

If you've followed Willamette Valley Pinot noir even a little bit, chances are you've tasted this winemaker's vino. Does the name "Cristom" ring any bells?

We thought it would. The winemaker responsible for decades of success at Cristom—and easily one of the most famous Willamette Valley winemakers—is Steve Doerner. 

Symbion is Steve's "personal-label" Pinot and in the brilliant 2019 vintage Symbion is a totally awesome value.

Straight talk: if you've ever (ever) enjoyed one of Steve's "other" Pinots, this is a no-brainer case buy. And if you're just a fan of outstanding value Pinot noir, the same applies to you: no-brainer case buy. There are only 30 cases available so you best skip right to buying that case.

$24.95 in any 12 bottle or Build a Case order ($27.95 regular)

What has made Steve Doerner's Pinot noirs famous is his style of winemaking—one taste of Symbion and the handful of us tasting agreed: "classic Doerner." Overflowing with character, an excellent balance of succulent Pinot fruit and Steve's signature savor and spice...if you've made it this far and still haven't ordered, Symbion is one of the values of the recently-anointed "Classic"* 2019 vintage.

*Wine Spectator's overall vintage rating for 2019 is "Classic."