Evesham Wood Shopping Time!

Happy Friday Pinot fans!

It's impossible not to be happy when we're talking Evesham WoodNo single Oregon winery delivers such breathtaking Pinot noir at such humble prices, year in year out. Today, it's 2017 Le Puits Sec's turn in the spotlight. The 2017 is utterly beautiful, commanding in a subtle way, exactly the wine we hoped it would be based on barrel tastings and the '17 vintage overall.

While you add Le Puits Sec '17 to your collection, load up on Evesham's Willamette Valley Pinot before it's gone. Now get shopping!

Wonderfully cool in its aromatic profile, like the best vintages of Le Puits Sec it's a wine I'd open just to smell. Effusively red in fruit, woven with sweet notes of the sun warming a Douglas fir tree, with a pinch of rosemary blossoms. The flavor and the feel are equally beguiling -- Volnay-like with more density and creaminess. I've been thinking of how to capture the texture: weightless and silky, for sure, yet with microscopically-fine molecules of flavor that burst and multiply through the finish. If, like me, you enjoy drinking the bottled energy that is young Pinot noir, then I say open with abandon and enjoy over two to three days. Like the best vintages of LPS, there will be plenty in my cellar because I'm certain of the magic that'll build with time.

Le Puits Sec is Evesham's certified organic estate vineyard, now over 30 years old. - Marcus

The release of Le Puits Sec '17 signals the last call of another spectacular value from Evesham Wood: the '17 Willamette Valley Pinot.

This is the vintage I've been waiting for -- my favorite EW Willamette release since the 2010, it's a mythical combination of the 2010 and 2015 vintages, the best two of the past decade. From Le Puits Sec to Willamette Valley, it always starts with the smell, more magical in 2017 than in the previous half-dozen vintages.

Elegantly expressive with red and black cherry aromas and flavors to spare, tenderly stitched with ribbons of rosemary. Silky and refined throughout, brimming with youthful energy that's beginning to settle into itself, superbly balanced, food-friendly and totally sip-worthy, there's a reason I drink more of this at home than any other Oregon Pinot (and it's not just 'cause I'm cheap). It's fantastic. - Marcus

We're looking forward to helping you with an order. Thanks for your support and have a great weekend! 
Marcus and Andy