Everyday Pinot Values

Two excellent everyday Willamette Valley Pinots today, including 30% off on one of our favorite "insider" wineries of the last decade, now through the end of June. Both are recent selections from our Oregon Everyday Pinot wine club. Oregon Pinot every day...we like the sound of that!

Save 30% through the end of June!
Burton Bittman Tukwilla Vineyard Pinot noir 2016
$19.95 in any 12 bottle or Build a Case order ($29.95 regular)

An excellent value from one of our most heartfelt winery partners, Anneka’s 2016 shows the ripe but balanced character of the vintage. Brown spice-accented dark red fruits, a lovely warm-earth base note, it has the gravitas to match with more robust dinner pairings and the sip-ability to, well, sip it!

Burton Bittman wines represent and honor multiple generations; they speak of the deep familial relationship Anneka Miller holds with the vines she grew up around. With advice from Papa Pinot–Eyrie founder David Lett–Anneka’s parents planted a vineyard in Dundee in 1990, contiguous with Eyrie’s Sisters Vineyard. The proximity and family connection to Eyrie would prove fortuitous; it was Eyrie’s Jason Lett who nudged Anneka to produce her first wine in 2010 and who mentored her for the next handful of vintages.

$23.95 in any 12 bottle or Build a Case order ($25.95 regular)

An outstanding bottle of Pinot for the buck, Tim's WV has great depth and flavor, with a big black cherry heart. It's been a big year for Tim Malone, whose new "day job" is winemaker for J. Christopher; he was assistant winemaker a few years back before leaving to focus solely on his own label.

From Tim: "The 2018 Willamette Valley Pinot Noir is a combination of all of our Pinot sights: La Colina, La Sierra, Lia’s, Cancilla and Medici. Aged in about 20% new wood, some of which is from our new 500 Liter barrel program that I am very excited about. As usual we only harness native fermentation and natural malolactic fermentation as well as only working with vineyards that are committed to sustainability."