Dueling Barberas: Andy vs. Marcus

We have a little rivalry going: which is the better Wednesday night Barbera? Andy's sold on Ca del Baio's Paolina; I'm with Corsini. Both are super-tasty but we have our favorites.
We're used to healthy rivalries and even some trash talking -- Andy's a Hawkeye fan, I'm a Badger fan -- but since this involves wine and (thankfully) not a bizarre playoff scenario, we're going to need some help from our "selection committee." Grab a 6-pack of each, cook up your favorite dish or pick up your tastiest pizza, and get to work!

$14.35 in any 12 bottle or Build a Case* order ($15.95 regular) 
It's more than just fond memories of hanging out in the kitchen and talking about cooking with Lolly, Corsini's co-proprietor. The best vintage of their Barbera I can recall, the 2015 hits all the notes: fresh, engaging aromas that whisk you right to the hills of Monforte, silky dark fruits, mouthwatering acidity that works with so many foods (from ravioli to pizza to brisket, we've had them all), and the kind of price that makes it an easy case-buy. - Marcus

At right, my dog Alba, named for the hills that produce this wine. And it's my shameless attempt at winning with a cute picture of a dog. 

$12.55 in any 12 bottle or Build a Case* order ($13.95 regular) 
He used his dog to sell, didn't he? While the Corsini is within a dog's length of the top spot, nothing beats what is happening in the 2016 Paolina. From my perennial favorite Barbaresco winery, Ca del Baio is doing everything right. Their Barbera delivers with a smashing combo of dark cherry and blueberry, fresh herbs, and a leather note that will charm the novice and old pro alike. It's our Wednesday night wine and makes appearances most other days too. Saluti! - Andy
While I could post a photo of my beautiful daughter, Pieta, here's one of me with my head in a Ca del Baio box.

We're looking forward to helping you with an order. Thanks for your support!

Marcus and Andy