Destiny: 98 Point, Sub-$40 Syrah

A month ago we wrote up the new 2019 K Vintners Motor City Kitty (MCK for short). Quoting ourselves: "Intensity, character, purity, and balance—they're all here and we love it. It's not rated yet but our unofficial, non-numerical take: the top MCK we've tasted, destined for big scores."
Destiny comes knocking today: 2019 MCK gets a massive 98 points from James Suckling! MCK is always the first K Syrah to sell out—this new review will floor the accelerator. Load up on this fantastic Syrah while you can!
$37.95 in any 12 bottle or Build a Case order ($41.95 regular)
98 points James Suckling: Layered aromas of plums, black cherries, leather, bark and iron. Full-bodied with a lot of nuance. Firm, gripping tannins. Dried roses and crushed blackberries mix with dark, mineral complexity, leaving a buzz on the palate. A clear note of cocoa powder comes through. Concentrated and dynamic. Superb."
Us: This might seem like an obvious statement but the '19 MCK is really good. Really. Really. I had a series of expletive-filled wows when I first tasted it which continued with each successive taste over several days. I found it utterly brilliant right when I opened it and see no reason not to start drinking bottles now.