Cuvee J: It Has No Peers

As we've said for several years running, when we're asked to suggest a literal handful of Oregon Pinots to buy every vintage, Evesham Wood's Cuvee J is one of them. It's a top wine of every vintage, but in the last few vintages it's become even more apparent how much Cuvee J rises above its peers. 

As we experience the profound 2016 Cuvee J and it takes over our senses, we combine the amazingness that is Cuvee J with its humble price to conclude that frankly, it has no peers. 

Always only 150 cases made, Cuvee J is the most textural, elegant, structured, age-worthy six barrels of the vintage from Evesham's organically farmed Le Puits Sec vineyard. It is a wine so exceptional that it should be allocated to the bottle. We're so grateful that it isn't.

If you like multidimensional, sensual, dynamic Willamette Valley Pinot noir, this wine is for you. 

Evesham Wood Cuvee J Pinot noir 2016 
$44.95 in any 12 bottle or Build a Case* order ($49.95 regular) 
So incredibly enticing -- as is classic J, a near-mythical match of density and levity that tugs equally at the head and the heart, of the cerebral and the pleasure-bent. Each time I reach for the glass to experience the most spellbinding perfume, a small sip, a new synapse fires, a nuance unfurls. Like the best Js, and I'd argue, the best Pinots from anywhere, it's the perfect partnership of bright and dark, cool and sweet. Whereas I typically encourage patience with newly-released J, the '16 begins so sultry that it's impossible to resist now and yet, as it opens up with air, every year of age-worthiness is evident. Should you choose one, you'll love it; ten, the same or more. 
To further elaborate on just how unmatched Cuvee J is: while I'd never refer to a $45 wine as inexpensive, Cuvee J is underpriced compared to its peers. Try finding another Oregon winery with 30 vintages and 30 year-old vines (certified organic!), where their super-limited, top Pinot noir is under $50. won't. - Marcus

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Marcus and Andy