Crazy Value Alert!

Crazy value alert! We poured Schooler Nolan's '16 Horse Heaven Hills Red for our friend who sells high-end Napa Cab all over the country. We didn't say a word, just asked him to guess the price. His first words, "this tastes expensive." Then, "$18 a glass, easy." His eyes nearly popped out when we told him it's less than $20 a bottle. 

We'll put a finer point on it: the best value Washington red we've tasted in 2019. The only inexpensive thing about it is the price. An absolute bargain to buy by the case.

This Cab, Merlot, Petit Verdot blend rocks, hard. And it's classy, too. It is rich, velvety smooth, delicious when you first crack the bottle -- the dreamy Horse Heaven Hills black cherry goodness cannot be denied -- and holds up surprisingly well over a couple days.

Our second feature wine from Schooler Nolan (the first being their 2015 Red Mountain Cab) is an even more mind-blowing bargain. Schooler Nolan comes to us partly from Homer, Alaska and partly from Richland, Washington, born from the Fat Olives restaurants that father/son duo Steve and JD Nolan operate in each locale.