Cameron: We Interrupt Your Friday Evening for Good Reason

We have never, not once, sent a Friday evening wine blast. Despite our charmed wine-selling lifestyles, we're typically in full weekend mode around this time and we prefer not to interrupt your Friday evening. So what's different today?

We had a mind-bending, perception-altering tasting of the new Cameron 2019 single vineyard wines an hour ago with John Paul, founder/mastermind of Cameron. We always expect greatness and there's always a star of the new releases but this year, it's different. The star is the vintage, the whole quartet. Because you expect it, we'll give you this tasty morsel: 2019 is the best Clos Electrique Pinot noir we've tasted. And another: Abbey Ridge Pinot noir '19 is equally breathtaking, which has us a little stunned, sitting behind a computer writing on a Friday. The part where we had to close our eyes, to snap out of a Cameron-induced trance is when we looked at the two Chardonnays, too, and flatly say "holy sh!t this 2019 line-up is amazing!"

So there you have it, the makings of our first-ever Friday evening wine blast. Don't worry, we'll send another one or three about these same wines until they're gonethey are that deservedly brilliant. But they are also finite in quantity and we have zero doubt that the market will react similarly to how we did. Depending on your time zone, you're sipping vino right about now or planning to soon so you ought to take a moment or two to lock in a handful of phenomenal Oregon wines for future Friday evenings. Thank you for readingcheers to your weekend!

$67.95 in any 12 bottle or Build a Case* order ($74.95 regular)

To reiterate what's above: the best vintage of and our favorite Clos Electrique Pinot noir. Especially pretty, astoundingly pure in its fruit expression, the pairing of fruit intensity and silky weightlessness here is profound, all within the context of a Pinot noir with an abv in the 12s. The complexities of Clos Electrique are there more as a complement, a minerally thread dangling deliciously. Wow.

$67.95 in any 12 bottle or Build a Case* order ($74.95 regular)

Don't stop at Clos Electrique; Abbey Ridge is equally breathtaking. Abbey Ridge Pinot noir always wins us over with its signature aromaticsso sultry, so distinctive, so damn goodit becomes impossible to spot where the aromas end and the flavors begin. The entire wine is infused with aspects you crave to smell and taste, from raspberry patch and lavender to sexy fresh porcini. Beautiful red fruits melt gently on your tongue while the pure-silk feel that comes only from old vines (46 years-old in Abbey Ridge's case) carries you through the "Wadenswil tail," as John Paul called it, that lingering, fanning out brilliance through the finish. Like Clos Electrique, this is brimming with buoyant, elegant intensity with an abv in the 12s.

$67.95 in any 12 bottle or Build a Case* order ($74.95 regular)

An exquisitely bright, more citrusy profile of fruit meets a heady richness. We taste a boat load of Willamette Valley Chardonnay and each vintage this is one of a literal handful of the top wines, period. And yet this wine seems to raise its own bar. Planted to rare clones of Chardonnay not typically found in Oregon or California, Clos Electrique Blanc '19 delivers volume and verve.
the high security gate of Clos Electrique

The smallest production of the single vineyard releases (a mere 2 barrels), we all can't get too excited because there's so little wine but hey, life is short. Poached pear, a pat of fancy butter, the slow building zing and richness of great lemon curd. The texture is melty golden goodness carrying flavor and a minerality through the lovely finish.