Cameron Dundee Hills Pinot: Duh!

Cameron Dundee Hills Pinot is a "duh" wine for us. It's obvious as in, "duh, of course it's amazing!" So we're never surprised when we get the first sip of the new vintage...until today. Yes, duh, it is delicious but the texture and weight of the 2018 is something other-realm for Cameron Dundee Hills Pinot, something special that's going to set this release apart from all others that have come before it.

There's only one obvious choice when it comes to the 2018: "duh, I will take a case!"

$26.95 in any 12 bottle or Build a Case order ($29.95 regular)

An extra-luscious model for what was already a stone-cold slayer of higher-priced wines without this kind of pedigree. From old vines in Abbey Ridge (~75%) and Clos Electrique (~25%) Vineyards, Cameron's two crown jewels, it shows complexities and subtleties that basically don't exist at this price. It's the vines, you know? So much beautiful Cameron character combines with a heavenly silky texture--the weight and movement of the wine is wow-inducing! Dark raspberries, black cherries, lavender, fresh rose, coriander--but it's the pure silk that'll keep you coming back for sip after sip. Drink it now (duh!) or anytime over the coming 8-10 years.
Shipping May 12!
pictured at right, John Paul's custom mini-samples on my kitchen table 'cause duh, it's happy hour somewhere


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Marcus and Andy