Brand New 95-point Walter Scott Reviews!

There's a new round of huge scores for Oregon wines, entirely deserved if you ask us. They were published over the weekend by The Prince of Pinot in his newsletter, PinotFile. We've followed and respected The Prince's newsletter for many years; he tastes a ton of domestic Pinot noir and Chardonnay, knows his stuff, and writes excellent notes. 

No surprise to us, PinotFile's recent installment included reviews for Willamette Valley's hottest winery, Walter Scott. 95 points for Freedom Hill Pinot -- the best Freedom Hill Pinot noir we've ever tasted -- and for X Novo Chardonnay. They are available here today, though there are very few cases of Pinot left and only 1 case X Novo!

Walter Scott Freedom Hill Pinot noir 2016
$49.45 in any 12 bottle or Build a Case* order ($54.95 regular) 
95 points PinotFile: "Brooding aromas of black raspberry, spice and compost. Very classy, with mid weight flavors of black cherry, black raspberry and intense spice. A subtle pine, forest and floral note plays alongside the core of delicious fruit. The texture is enticingly silken, and the tannins are unusually tame for this vineyard. Overall, a highly nuanced wine with impeccable balance and an intensely aromatic and spicy finish that captivates."

Our notes:  The best Freedom Hill Pinot noir I've tasted, going back at least 17 vintages. It's because Ken coaxed the softer side from the vineyard, proving in the process that there is one! Still on the more powerful side, sporting blue and black fruits, violets, and super-fine tannin that helps frame the finish and echo flavor. - Marcus 

Walter Scott X Novo Chardonnay 2016
$58.45 in any 12 bottle or Build a Case* order ($64.95 regular) 
95 points PinotFile: "This wine offers most everything you could want in a Chardonnay. Bright aromas of green apple, lemon, baking spice, bread in the oven and waffle. There is a little more body here, a little more creaminess in the texture, and a little more seductive flavors of lemon, pear, spice, and toast. The sprightliness of the fruit, the impeccably integrated acidity, the viscous palate feel, and the remarkable finish that hangs around for encores combine to produce a sensual wine that demands contemplation." 

Our notes: A distinct and beautifully textured Chardonnay, mixing mango and sweet tangerine with plump summer peach which adds an exotic pinch of lemongrass. X Novo Vineyard is owned by Craig Williams, who spent 32 years at Joseph Phelps. The Chardonnay plantings are some of the most exciting and diverse on the West Coast, comprised of no less than fifteen clones. - Marcus
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Marcus and Andy