Before It Was Cool: Super-Limited Oregon Chardonnay

In the last few years, it's become the "cool thing" to make Chardonnay in Oregon. And while dozens of wineries are making great Chardonnay now, there were a handful or so that made Chardonnay way before it was cool. And not to brag (too much), but we were promoting and selling Oregon Chard before it was the cool thing, too!
Bethel Heights and Cameron each have decades of Chardonnay credibility and experience -- it's no surprise that they produce some of our favorite Chardonnays. Fans of Chardonnay: do not miss these super-limited, super-cool wines.

$53.95 in any 12 bottle or Build a Case* order
($59.95 regular) 
For the second vintage, Bethel Heights has quietly produced one of the top Oregon Chardonnays from their Justice Vineyard (their 2014 was the Chardonnay of vintage, period, and this has the same potential). I say "quietly" because it's normally a wine not offered outside the winery but due to our fandom and nagging persistence, we've secured a tiny parcel.
Why is it so excellent? Because it hits the sweet spot of Oregon's Chardonnay style, with beautiful texture and freshness, minerality and fruit. It drinks superbly now and will age for a decade. - Marcus

$33.25 in any 12 bottle or Build a Case* order
($36.95 regular) 
Two barrels of Clos Electrique plus one barrel of Abbey Ridge equals this exceptional reserve Chardonnay. That's right, only 75 cases were made which means (like so many Cameron wines) it will be gone in a flash. Imminently tasty upon release, boasting sweet lemon and marzipan flavors on a silky-textured frame. - Marcus

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