Be One of the Lucky Few: Manu Propria Cab

The facts: this Cabernet is one of Washington's best, regardless of price, and one of our favorite wines we offer. There are only 85 cases total made and the last two vintages have sold out in fewer than 24 hours.

Mike Macmorran, the winemaker for the Mark Ryan empire, quietly and humbly produces one of the best Washington Cabernets, period, from one of Washington's best vineyards, Red Willow, under his label Manu Propria.

Despite its intensely loyal following among our customers, it remains virtually unknown and staggeringly underrated in the "wine world." We're okay with that; we don't need to create even more demand for it. The risk of selling out before making everyone happy is worth the reward of those with Manu Propria in their glass. Be one of the lucky few.

$39.95 in any 12 bottle or Build a Case* order ($44.95 regular)

The most luscious and velvety smooth vintage of Manu Propria yet, the 2018 is a pure joy to open and get into your first sips. A beautiful Cabernet spectrum of dark red to purple to black fruits joins mocha, tobacco, and Manu Propria's signature herbes de Provence. It doesn't demand a meal and is surprisingly versatile and easy-going. We've had the '18 open for days and it's holding strong, so we know it'll last for a good 10-15 years in the cellar if that's your MO. Our not-so-subtle advice: get this now!

Manu Propria Ex Animo, from the Latin meaning "by my own hand, from the heart," is Mike's statement to honor and celebrate Red Willow Vineyard and the Sauers, a pioneering wine family who planted some of Washington's first Cabernet vines in 1973.