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An Exciting New Voice in Willamette Valley Wine

Dear Willamette Valley wine fans,

We invite you to meet one of the most exciting young voices in Willamatte Valley wine: Seth Morgen Long. Seth has chosen a singular path -- to focus exclusively on Willamette Valley Chardonnay -- and we believe this focus has already yielded some of the most dynamic Oregon Chardonnays produced in 2016, a truly exceptional Chardonnay vintage.   

Morgen Long's gorgeous, minuscule production Chardonnays each have their own unique voice, which is something that makes them so impressive. The individuality in each wine shows the gentle strength of Seth's winemaking style. 

We highly (highly) encourage you to grab one of his Chardonnay samplers; you'll find equal parts intellectual intrigue and pure delicious enjoyment. 

Morgen Long 2016 Chardonnay Sampler 

$306 -- save 10% ($340 regular)   
The 6-pack sampler includes:
3 bottles Yamhill Vineyards Chardonnay 2016
1 bottle Sandi Chardonnay 2016
1 bottle The Eyrie Vineyards Chardonnay 2016 
1 bottle Loubejac Vineyard Chardonnay 2016 (only available in the sampler)
I imagine my wines are liquid almanacs, transparent & illustrative. - Seth Morgen Long

Morgen Long Yamhill Vineyards Chardonnay 2016
$44.95 in any 12 bottle or Build a Case* order ($49.95 regular) 
Explosively, dynamically aromatic -- an impressive opening into what quickly shows itself as a beautiful, appealing Oregon Chardonnay. Floral and bright with excellent chalk tones, filled with fresh and sweet lemon and ginger. An exciting interplay of density and airy celestial-ness. From 30 year-old Wente clone Chardonnay. - Marcus

Morgen Long Sandi Chardonnay 2016

$62.95 in any 12 bottle or Build a Case* order ($69.95 regular) 
The best kind of paradox: the richest and most layered of Seth's Chardonnays is also the most vibrant and focused. The one wine that is a blend of vineyard sites, this is pure harmony. Seth describes the polarity and synergy of it, ultimately creating the most complete and multi-dimensional of his 2016 wines. A blend of Yamhill, Loubejac, and Eyrie Vineyards. - Marcus

Morgen Long The Eyrie Vineyards Chardonnay 2016
$71.95 in any 12 bottle or Build a Case* order ($79.95 regular) 
From legendary vines, some of the first Chardonnay planted in the Willamette Valley. Flint and smoky minerals, fresh orange citrus and mint tea open before the lovely, creamy orchard fruit emerges, along with subtle hazelnut. Deep, rich, and long, this wine honors the Eyrie legacy and should provide drinking pleasure from now though 2028 (and likely beyond). Very limited -- only 1 barrel produced. - Marcus
A little more about Seth Morgen Long 
How and why does a young guy decide to make exclusively Willamette Valley Chardonnay? 
Seth is an inquisitive student of Burgundy and of Willamette Valley. He's spent months in Meursault and vintages in some of our favorite Chardonnay producers' cellars.
We asked him exactly the question above, to which he answered: "I'm singular in my focus on Willamette Valley Chardonnay because I love Chardonnay, and I get that when you love what you do, something extra is more likely to come through. I see Chardonnay as a chameleon, dynamic, nuanced, multidimensional. It is capable of being grown widely and fashioned in just as many ways. And maybe this is why profound Chardonnay is all the more exciting. Chardonnay can clearly reflect where the vines grow, and how the wine is made. I appreciate that Chardonnay is greatly valued around the world, and has tremendous historical relevance and that it also feels very much at home in the soils and microclimates of the Willamette Valley. I think that the future is very bright for Willamette Valley Chardonnay!" 
We expect to etch Seth's name among the cadre of Willamette Valley Chardonnay producers we hold in the highest regard: Arterberry Maresh, Bergstrom, Bethel Heights, Brick House, Cameron, Evening Land, Evesham Wood/Haden Fig, Eyrie, Goodfellow, Lingua Franca, Twill, Walter Scott.
We're looking forward to helping you with an order. Thanks for your support!

Marcus and Andy

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