A Vintage to Celebrate: Evesham Wood 2019s

We've eagerly awaited Evesham Wood's 2019 single vineyards even more than normal. The first glimpse of their brilliance came over a year ago with the release of the 2019 Willamette Valley. Then the best-ever 2019 La Grive Bleue, the younger-vine estate vineyard next to Le Puits Sec. The momentum built to today: our offer for 2019 Cuvee J, Le Puits Sec, and Sojeau Pinot noirs.

Once again, Cuvee J is one of the literal handful of Willamette Valley Pinots we advise you to buy every vintage. But not to be outdone is Le Puits Sec '19 which winemaker Erin Nuccio praises more effusively than any single wine he's made: this wine is why he came to Le Puits Sec in 2007 and never left.

What's special about Evesham's 2019s? We turn again to Erin's words because we've not seen or heard him celebrate a vintage in the same way: "A beautiful balance was achieved leaning towards cooler vintage drinking wines with bright acidity, focus and elegance, but with some core ripe fruit mixed in. It’s no secret I prefer wines from cooler growing seasons but they often need a few months to a year for the mid-palate to plump up and gain some weight. Not the 2019s. Beautiful elegance combines with an instantly gratifying mid-palate. I think these may be very long-term aging wines as well."

The '19s will sell out more quickly than any vintage in historythe world has discovered Evesham Wood and there are no 2020 single vineyard wines from Erin. Follow his words, heed our advice: get these wines.

$53.95 in any 12 bottle or Build a Case order ($59.95 regular)

Cuvee J 2019 is a wonderful paradox: it is the most age-worthy six barrels from Evesham's Le Puits Sec vineyard yet it is the showiest of the new releases. It's impossibly irresistible because it brings together bright and dark tones, cool and cerebral dimensions, sultry and succulent instincts into a silky, electric masterpiece.

Yes, it's all that. And that's why it is one of the literal handful of Willamette Valley Pinot noirs we advise you to buy every vintage. In 2019, the elegance of the vintage shines through in J; this is classic Pinot noir in a classic vintage. That's what so many winemakers were excitedly telling us since the grapes were barely off the vines.

We recommend buying enough so that you can open one (or six!) now and experience it over a few days. We've done it with two bottles already, still finding beauty on day five. And buy some for the future because J consistently rewards age. Only 145 cases made.

$39.95 in any 12 bottle or Build a Case order ($44.95 regular)

As you know, we pride ourselves on writing our own tasting notes. As we sketched the 2019 Le Puits Sec notes we read what winemaker Erin Nuccio wrote about the wine and just about fainted. Erin does not hype his own wines; he is notoriously understated and even when we tell him how much we love one of his wines, his response is a grin. With that background, check out his Le Puits Sec '19 note:

"What a gorgeous wine. The nose jumps out of the glass with concentrated aromas of plum, violet and berries. That lift and concentration carries through as the mixed berries become even more concentrated while beautifully balanced bright acidity leads to moderate tannins on the finish. This is why I came to Le Puits Sec in 2007 and never left."

We've never seen or heard him speak of a Le Puits Sec Pinot noir like this so we've taken note and you should, too. By the wayhe's right. Only 269 cases made.

$35.95 in any 12 bottle or Build a Case order ($39.95 regular)

Evesham's Sojeau first debuted in 2015 and its popularity and ratings have made it a near-instant favorite. 2019 is its most elegant profile yet, showing some of the lofty aromatics we know and love with an underlying silken weight of scrumptious red and black fruits. Weave in Sojeau's floral and mineral threads and you have a cozy Pinot blanket. That's Sojeau and that's why we love the vineyard and love Evesham's take on it. Only 97 cases made.