A Top Wine of EVERY Vintage: Cuvee J

As we've said for many years and counting, when we're asked to suggest a literal handful of Oregon Pinots to buy every vintage, Evesham Wood's Cuvee J is always one of them. While nearly all other top wines shine in certain vintages, Cuvee J is a top wine of every vintage.

Winemaker Erin Nuccio, who is never prone to boasting about about his wines, had wide eyes and a big smile when he told us how exceptional the ’17 J is. We agree with him: it is a whole other realm within the Evesham line-up. We opened another bottle this morning (perks of the job!) just to make sure. And we're sure.

Cuvee J is the most textural, elegant, age-worthy six barrels of the vintage from Evesham's organically farmed Le Puits Sec vineyard. It is a wine so exceptional that it should be allocated to the bottle. We're so grateful that it isn't. As such, grab as much as you want.


$49.45 in any 12 bottle or Build a Case order ($54.95 regular)

If you like multidimensional, sensual, dynamic Willamette Valley Pinot noir, this wine is for you. So incredibly enticing  as is classic J, a near-mythical pairing of density and levity that tugs equally at the cerebral and the pleasure-bent parts of the brain. Each time I have another sip I'm spellbound. Like the best Js, and I'd argue, the best Pinots from anywhere, it's the perfect partnership of bright and dark, cool and sweet. Whereas I typically encourage patience with newly-released J, the '17 begins so sultry that it's impossible to resist now and yet, as it opens up with air, every year of age-worthiness is evident. Should you choose to open one tonight, you'll love it; in five or ten years, the same or more.