A Riesling Stunner

We're switching gears today, not because we know Riesling goes perfectly with a traditional Thanksgiving feast (it does). Because we are stunned by today's wine, a (dry) Riesling from some of the Valley's oldest vines. It is the best Willamette Valley Riesling we've tasted. Made by a winemaker who knows worldly Riesling, poured for and approved by our small group of Riesling fanatics. It's pure magic from the first whiff to the mouthwatering finish. If you appreciate Riesling on any level, you have to check it out.

$29.95 in any 12 bottle or Build a Case order ($34.95 regular)

Since "Riesling" means different things to different wine-drinkers, we present the CliffsNotes: Dry, from vines planted in 1973, gorgeously perfumed with noble rot, citrus, delicate spring flowers, good honey, a rich texture, beautiful now and capable of aging at least 20 years. Fellow Riesling fans will love sipping it and those who love to cook will find nearly endless possibilities for food pairing. Stunning! 

For the geeks out there: 12% alcohol. 3.4g/L RS, 8.5 g/L TA, 9 month sur lie aging in 20+ year-old barrels.