A Dad, A Daughter, and A Hill

The Peterson-Nedrys are a pioneering Oregon wine family; they planted the first vines in 1982 on what has become one of the Willamette Valley’s most famous growing areas, Ribbon Ridge. Nearly four decades later, father-daughter team of Harry and Wynne Peterson-Nedry have returned to their roots to focus on the oldest vines in their RR and Ridgecrest labels. 

“We're focused where our roots are, the land that's most important to us. That’s always been our passion, “ says Wynne. “From the beginning, our philosophy for RR has been to take a sense of place–which has always been the oldest and best fruit on Ribbon Ridge–and to bottle that essence.

“RR and Ridgecrest wines are for understanding the potential of this special land mass called Ribbon Ridge. Their concentration, their blackness, their elegance, their textural excitement all stem from the vineyard–its maturity, deep penetration of dry-farmed vines to find rock, nutrients and water, organic farming, limited yields."

We are thrilled to debut the first vintage of Ridgecrest Pinot and Gamay noir, the spectacular 2018s. And lest you think the vintage of the first wine is a typo...yes indeed, 2007 RR Pinot noir! Any and every fan of Oregon Pinot should try it.

$71.95 in any 12 bottled or Build a Case order ($79.95 regular)

An absolutely classic example of aged Oregon Pinot. We've had two bottles recently; it's gorgeous! The vintage shines through with forestry, spicy notes and sweet soil-tinged raspberry. Aged under perfect conditions by the winery, it shows excellent clarity, punch and freshness, still with tons of life to give. 

Those of us who remember vintage 2007 remember it as challenging...and for many, that would be a euphemism. But out of challenging vintages, with seasoned winemakers and old vines, beautiful wines can and will be made. This wine is proof in the bottle.

Wynne noted how the tannin from the old vines in Ridgecrest paired with the elevated acidity of the 2007 vintage to create a wonderfully age-worthy Pinot noir. The 2007 is the essence of RR: to have aged Willamette Valley Pinot noir, to hold half the production of each vintage for library and vintage vertical offerings.

$37.75 in any 12 bottled or Build a Case order ($41.95 regular)

This wine's first restaurant glass pour in the world is at Le Pigeon. That's a hell of a debut! We love the density and exuberant fruit; it's a big mouthful of Pinot. Old-vine pedigree shines through with class and power. - Marcus

Youthful, bright and pedigreed; deep purple-red core, with floral-rose, spice and pepper aromatics; supple red fruit, plum, restrained oak flavors, with a slash of savory sauce, suspended freshly and tightly on a texturally exciting mid-palate of velour-like tannins; well-rounded three-dimensional red fruit with extra layers of dark fruit extending front-to-back seamlessly, with no palate breaks and, although tight, bright and needing time, ending with that classic elegance for which Ribbon Ridge is heralded. - the winery

$26.95 in any 12 bottled or Build a Case order ($29.95 regular)

The oldest true Gamay vines in the Willamette Valley. Huge juicy cherry, spectacularly fresh and vibrant, with the edgy/crunchy splendor that great Gamay can provide. New to Gamay? Give this a test run and you'll become an instant fan. - Marcus

Vivid, vibrant, and deep, the purple-garnet color hints at the complex blackberry, plum, cherry and pomegranate mélange on the palate. The fruit is accented by signature high-wire acid levels and spices galore, ranging from white to black pepper and brown baking spices and cedar elements; threads of basil herb, cigar, and dark-grained bread are interwoven with restrained tannin, giving it three-dimensionality. Intriguing black and blue fruits are elevated by a bright, fresh tension, giving it an elegance and balance that lead us to believe it has the potential to age for some years. - the winery

More about Harry and Wynne Peterson-Nedry's Ridgecrest and RR

A dad, a daughter, and a hill...

"When we first set foot on Ribbon Ridge nearly 40 years ago, we knew it was something special. There was an indefinable magic to the place, in the lowslung, rolling hills that rise and fall like the breath of a slumbering child. It was undeniably alive, and bursting with potential.

In 1980 folks thought we were just plain nuts to plant wine grapes on that chilly rise located on the western edge of the Willamette Valley. The common thought at the time was that the site was situated too far west for grapestoo windy, too foggy, too cool.

We naively followed our gut, planting the first vineyard on what would one day become one of the premier wine appellations in Oregon, the Ribbon Ridge AVA.

Ridgecrest Vineyards did not disappoint. Early barrel samples were encouraging. We studied it, continued to plant, and dug deeply.

After 34 harvests at Chehalem and 17 years crafting our cellar-worthy RR wines, we know these vineyards–the ins and outs, strengths, and peculiarities of each and every block. We’ve done our homework.

Now, it’s recess. We’re ready to come out and play.

Our new Ridgecrest label allows us to do just that–to experiment with all of those blocks, lots, and barrels that beg our attention every harvest–the ones we are loathe to blend with others, because they are just so damned intriguing. Pinot Noir will be the mainstay of the Ridgecrest label, with supporting roles played by
Grüner Veltliner and Gamay."