A Complete Change of Agenda: When Arterberry Maresh Walk in the Door

We had a completely different agenda for today. But agendas mean nothing when Jim Maresh rolls in the door with a new wine. We dropped everything we were doing because the wine demanded it. 

The wine? The second-ever bottling of Arterberry Maresh "Old Vines," the beautiful 2017. With breathtaking purity and succulence, it is the essence of classically-styled Willamette Valley Pinot.
Arterberry Maresh Old Vines Pinot noir 2017
$39.55 in any 12 bottle or Build a Case* order ($43.95 regular) 
A blend of Maresh (~70%) and Weber (~30%) Vineyards, sporting an average vine age of 42 (that's forty two) years, 2017 Old Vines is perfumed and heavenly --  it's the kind of wine we love to drink. Exquisitely fresh and silky, we find it totally irresistible. Weighing in at only 12.8% alcohol, it is delightfully buoyant and everything we've always loved about Arterberry Maresh Pinot noirs, and that is a lot, rolled into one. 

More classically Dundee than the 2016, it's is pure red-fruited elegance. A slightly cooler vintage meant that Maresh was picked in October and any time that vineyard is picked in October, we start getting excited. 

Jim is really happy and really proud of this wine. And he damn well should be. - Marcus
And a value not to be missed:
Arterberry Maresh Dundee Hills Pinot noir 2017
$24.75 in any 12 bottle or Build a Case* order ($27.50 regular) 
Utterly crushable. Fresh strawberry and cherry aromas and flavors are everywhere, and impossible to resist (hence, the crushable part). The first bottle I opened at the house was gone in 15 minutes...and there were only three of us! It's that kind of juice, similar to the Old Vines, that's pure, fresh, silky, sexy -- why we seek Pinot noir. - Marcus
We're looking forward to helping you with an order. Thank you for reading and for your support!

Marcus and Andy