A Change of Plans: New Cameron Value Pinot, Act Quickly

Happy Friday Oregon Pinot fans!

We hadn't planned an email for today but a visit from Tom Sivili, co-winemaker at Cameron, with 2016 Ribbon Ridge Pinot noir in tow, has us writing with haste. Fans of Cameron and great value Oregon Pinot noir take note -- we expect this to sell out quickly.
Cameron Ribbon Ridge Pinot noir 2016
$23.35 in any 12 bottle or Build a Case* order
($25.95 regular) 
Alright Cameron and value Pinot fans: this is going to be a blink-and-it's-gone Pinot noir. Only 175 cases were made and it's going to be sold out today. It's delicious: Cameron + Ribbon Ridge = a darker expression of Cameron Pinot noir, with fresh Oregon blackberries and classic Cameron savoriness singing. Click, email, or call to secure your stash.

And in case you missed Arterberry Maresh's brand new Old Vines on the first go around, you shouldn't!
Arterberry Maresh Old Vines Pinot noir 2016
$39.55 in any 12 bottle or Build a Case* order
($43.95 regular) 
A blend of Maresh and Weber Vineyards, sporting an average vine age of -- let this sink in -- 42 years. Unrivaled in its pedigree, this is everything we've ever loved about Arterberry Maresh Pinot noirs, and that is a lot, rolled into one. It is perfect Pinot noir.
Perfumed and succulent, voluminous yet ethereal, it's the kind of wine I love to drink and love to share. Exquisitely fresh and silky, with a pulsing persistence, I find it totally irresistible. Weighing in at only 12.8% alcohol, it is delightfully refreshing. YES! - Marcus

We're looking forward to helping you with an order. Thank you for your support; have a great weekend!

Marcus and Andy