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A Blow-the-Doors-Off Vintage: 2018 Evesham Wood Willamette Valley

Stellar vintages in the Willamette Valley are almost old hat now. We've been on a tear since 2014, bringing us to the official launch of 2018. The question's been asked a couple dozen times in the last few weeks: how is 2018 stacking up? We're putting in writing what we've been saying: 2018 is going to blow the doors off the previous four vintages. Whether or not it is our favorite is beside the point: it's the kind of vintage that everyone is going to love, from Pinot newbies to geeks.

For over a decade, we've considered the official launch of the newest vintage to be the release of consistently the single best value in American Pinot noir, vintage after vintage: Evesham Wood Willamette Valley Pinot noir. It's a momentous release that sets the bar for the vintage. And unless you're an Olympic high-jumper, you'll need a springboard to get over this high bar!

Evesham Wood Willamette Valley Pinot noir 2018
$19.75 in any 12 bottle or Build a Case order ($21.95 regular)

I tasted a bunch of barrels that went into the WV blend, thinking the whole time "wow, this has the potential to be serious juice!" Much like our post-Thanksgiving bellies, this is stuffed with goodness. Darker, bolder fruit meets big structure and tons of freshness. The vintage comparison that comes to mind is 2008 (you know the universal praise that vintage received), but '18 has a silkier texture. 

We have access to virtually every Oregon Pinot and this is our house pour. I recommend buying at least a case and enjoying a few bottles now and the rest in a few months. You can throw a case in the cellar/basement and drink it over the coming years; this stuff ages wonderfully. - Marcus

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