96 Points, The Experts' Choice for Oregon Pinot

Among a who's-who list of Oregon Pinot producers, the internationally-renowned Decanter Magazine's top scoring 96-point Oregon Pinot comes from our favorite Oregon winery: Evesham Wood.

In Decanter's new "Expert's Choice: Oregon Pinot Noir" article, Evesham Wood's Le Puits Sec Pinot noir 2017 took top honors. As you know, we've been Evesham Wood fanatics since our first days selling Oregon wine; we are genuinely ecstatic to see the winery get this kind of praise from an international wine publication.

How is Le Puits Sec 2017? In our expert opinion, it's phenomenal! We've shifted the apostrophe to the rightit's not just the Expert's Choice, it's the experts' choice.

$35.95 in any 12 bottle or Build a Case order ($39.95 regular)

96 points Decanter, The Top-Scoring Oregon Pinot: An impressive wine from a dry-farmed, certified organic 1.8ha vineyard, first planted in 1986. Superbly elegant violet-tinged cherry fruit with a hint of spice, developing gracefully to take on a smoky subtlety and supple depth, showing hints of freshly turned earth. The texture is seductively silky and delicate, yet there is rewarding density and length. Drinking Window 2021 - 2030

Us: Le Puits Sec 2017 is beautiful. Wonderfully cool in it's aromatic profile, like the best vintages of Le Puits Sec it's a wine I'd open just to smell. Effusively red in fruit, woven with sweet notes of the sun warming a Douglas fir tree, with a pinch of rosemary blossoms. The flavor and the feel are equally beguiling. I've been thinking of how to capture the texture: weightless and silky, for sure, yet with microscopically-fine molecules of flavor that burst and multiply through the finish. If, like me, you enjoy drinking the bottled energy that is young Pinot noir, then I say open with abandon, enjoy over two to three days. Like the best vintages of LPS, there will be plenty in my cellar because I'm certain of the magic that'll build with time.

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$19.95 in any 12 bottle or Build a Case order ($21.95 regular)

We've said it many times before and we'll say it again: this is consistently the best value in American Pinot noir. Some values come and go depending on vintage, but Evesham Wood's Willamette Valley delivers every single year.
You can set your watch and mark your calendar for the elegance and refinement of this $20 gem. Bursting with beautiful fruit and silky allure, the '19 opens with a spectrum of bright and dark that envelops your senses and brims with energy. We have access to virtually every Oregon Pinot and this is our house pour.