95, 94 Points, The Best Value Chard Duo: Haden Fig

For as much as we love Evesham Wood wines, we're relatively quiet about its brother label Haden Fig. Not today. Haden Fig's two 2018 Chardonnays are the best value Willamette Valley Chard duo and the Juliette belongs in the discussion of the best Chards in the Valley, end of story!

The new reviews from Wine Enthusiast are eye-popping as much for the praise as for the scores. Impossible not to love, check. Could hold its own with many Oregon Chards costing three times as much, check. 95 and 94 points, checkmate.

Named after the winemaker Erin Nuccio's son, Haden, and daughter, Juliette, Haden Fig Chardonnays represent Erin's personal winemaking journey, from his first stainless-steel 2008 to these 2018 masterpieces.

$35.95 in any 12 bottle or Build a Case order ($39.95 regular)

95 points Wine Enthusiast, Editors' Choice: "Simply dazzling in every way, this beguiles the taster immediately with a flower-and-pollen honeyed bouquet. The fruit is rich and mouthfilling, with apricot, peach and papaya, pear and melon. There's a vivid streak of butterscotch and impressive grip and power throughout a lingering finish. It's lip-smacking delicious and a wine that is simply impossible not to love at first sniff."

Us: Wow, what he said! It's tougher to talk "value" as you get closer to $40 but Juliette Chardonnay–2018 and vintages before it–belongs in the discussion of the greatest Chards in the Willamette Valley. Pretty reasonable for the price, no? Only 4 barrels of this golden nectar were made so make haste.

$19.95 in any 12 bottle or Build a Case order ($21.95 regular)

94 points Wine Enthusiast, Editors' Choice: "Haden Fig is a sister label to Evesham Wood. This stunningly good effort could hold its own with many Oregon Chardonnays costing three times as much. Tangy grapefruit, lemon and lime aromas open into a sappy and delicious wine with exceptional depth of flavor. There's a pretty floral top note and a generous mouthfeel. The wine was fermented in neutral barrels with native yeast, went through full malolactic and excels on all levels."

Us: A $20 Chard that drinks like a $40 Chard (or $60, if you read the note above). Texture and weight that far surpasses its value, elevating it above any previous vintage of Haden Fig Chard. Lemons, fresh fall pears, subtle spice accents, warm minerals, and then that silken texture that lets the flavors resound like a choir in a cathedral. Perfect with crab risotto.