Beyond Comprehension

Hello from Marcus,
I've found a wine that's beyond my comprehension.

I've been tasting Oregon Pinot noir professionally for eleven years, yet writing about wine in a meaningful way gets continually more challenging. I'm in an active battle against overly flowery tasting notes -- the ones that mention fruits or flora that few people on earth have ever smelled or tasted -- because they're mostly BS, and because they perpetuate snobbery that I don't like. It's my job to advise you what to buy in an honest, down-to-earth way. I strive to use accessible descriptors and imagery. After three weeks' effort, I'll admit this wine is beyond my comprehension. It is awesome. With that, my advice: buy Johan Three Barrel Pinot noir 2012. 

Johan Three Barrel Pinot noir 2012

$48.55 in any 12 bottle or Build a Case* order ($53.95 regular) 

There will be other Pinot noirs - there always are - but there will not be another like Johan Three Barrel 2012. It is a standout wine in a standout vintage.

This wine is an experience, a process, an enigma. It is super-complex and aromatically bold in a way that after three weeks' effort I still can't describe. It is like floating on a pillowy cloud of red fruit. It is silky and elegant in a way that only Pinot noir can be. It is drink-the-whole-bottle tasty right when you open it, and bury-in-the-cellar-for-a-decade age-worthy. It is so beyond comprehension that we scrapped our original Reserve Pinot wine club selections for July to include it. 

Johan's goal with Three Barrel is to maximize aromatic complexity and perfume, to select the three most alluring and exotic barrels from the vintage, ending up with aroma and flavor characteristics that are beyond their comprehension, and mine.