55% Off Delicious Pinot

The best wine deals begin like this:

A wine we'd enthusiastically recommend at its original price. A winemaker we know and trust. An opportunity to WOW our customers at a price that makes buying a case a no-brainer.

Elemental Farrar 2015 checks all those boxes and more. It's a delicious Pinot that's a joy to drink. We're very familiar with who made it; Elemental is the personal label of Steven Westby, former winemaker at Witness Tree. Witness Tree's Estate 2014 and 2015 Pinots were last year's sensational dealswe think the Elemental is a better wine.

We know what $40 Pinot tastes like and this has the goods. But for $17.95 by the case? BUY the case. 55% off is the biggest discount we've ever offered on a Willamette Valley Pinot. Only 50 cases available so hurry!

Save 55% when you buy a case!, only $17.95/bottle
$215 ($480 regular)

We were so impressed by the first bottle that we waited a few days and opened a second bottle to confirm the deliciousness. Sure enough, it was exactly like the first: vibrant black cherry, a rich and satiny feel, superbly balanced. As easy to love as it is now it's still opening up and tastes even better on day two than day one. An outrageous deal from Farrar Vineyard in the Eola-Amity Hills.

Save 50% 1-11 bottles
$19.95 in any 12 bottle or Build a Case order ($40.00 regular)

In case you want fewer than 12 bottles (it's okay...we won't hold it against you) you can grab 1-11 at 50% off, still a spectacular deal at $19.95.