50% Off Witness Tree Vintage Select Pinot!

What could be better than Witness Tree Estate Pinot at 45% off? Witness Tree's flagship reserve Pinot, Vintage Select, at 50% off!! And two amazing vintages for variety! That's a lot of exclamation points but we are entirely stoked to keep the Witness Tree bargains rolling, this time with a 6 and 6 case of 2014 and 2015 Vintage Select. Normally $40/bottle, today only $19.99, an ideal case for hunkering down.

A quick recap on why so cheap: after 23 great vintages, Witness Tree sold the vineyard and winery. We're liquidating the last of it, hence the incredible 50% off deal. We'll be bold: this is the best Pinot noir bargain in the country right now. Get it now!

Save 50% when you buy a mixed case, $40/bottle regular
$239.95 for a mixed case of 12 ($19.99/bottle)

The Estate was a great deal, make no mistake, but the extra 3 buck jump to Vintage Select gives you a turbo-luxury model at a blazing-bargain price. Both vintages are showing beautifully right now; 2014 melts you into a world of drink-me-now bliss while 2015 shows off its deep, rich power. I keep going back and forth on which is my favorite...I can't decide so it's 50/50 '14 and '15! - Marcus   

Vintage Select represents Witness Tree's highest achievement in winemaking. Only the finest barrels in the cellar are selected for this truly special wine.

We're looking forward to helping you with an order. Thanks for your support! 

Marcus and Andy