40-50% Off The Last Gran Coeur!

It had to end sometime. Ever since Alexana told us they were phasing out production of one of our favorite Washington red blends ever, Gran Coeur, we knew this day would come. It seemed so far away...there was 2015 and 2016 Gran Coeur to sell first, before arriving at the final 2017 vintage. We have our enthusiasm and your support to blame for having arrived at the last stash of Gran Coeur so quickly. We couldn't stop recommending it and apparently, you couldn't stop gulping it down!

There's only one way to go out, and that's with a familiar bang: originally $50 and in our esteem, worth every penny, Gran Coeur 2017 is 40% off when you buy a 6-pack! That's $29.99/bottle. And if you're like us and can't get enough Gran Coeur (seriously, the '17 is so delicious!) you can step it up and get a case for $299.99 a.k.a 50% off!

Save 40% when you buy 6, $50/bottle regular
Holy ___ we love this wine! The 2017 returns to its Cabernet-hearted roots, dishing out delicious black cherry and black currant with cedar and mocha accents. Shocking even us cynical wine tasters, it's the most ready-for-primetime of the Gran Coeurs at release. Already gushing, there's no stopping it as your house red blend. 43% Cabernet Sauvignon, 29% Merlot, 14% Malbec, 14% Petit Verdot.

Save 50% when you buy a case!!!
So you want a deal, eh? We're putting our money where are mouths are: when you buy a case of Gran Coeur, you get 50% off! Yes, that's how much we think you should have a case of this (though you'll love having a 6-pack, of course ;-).

Now fire up The Final Countdown and get shopping!