$25 Wines from Oregon's Hottest Winery

Back in March, we wrote this about Walter Scott: "in our expert opinion, Ken Pahlow and Erica Landon's Walter Scott Wines is the hottest Oregon winery right now. Everyone's talking about them and for very good reasons."  

It's hard to believe but Walter Scott has become even hotter. Since then, fantastic reviews from The Wine Advocate, then Wine Spectator have further fanned the flames.

So here we are at the release of their 2015 Willamette Valley Pinot noir and Chardonnay, La Combe Verte*, wines that are their foundation. They are full of life and energy. Any and all fans of Oregon wine should buy these enthusiastically. 
$22.45 in any 12 bottle or Build a Case* order ($24.95 regular) 
Here it is: our first offering of 2015 Willamette Valley Pinot noir. I wouldn't dare base my vintage impressions on this one wine but since a Pinot this fantastic was made, for this cheaply, then the bar has been set high! Don't think of this as value Pinot. Think of it as awesome Pinot that happens to be well-priced. The perfect marriage of cherries and summer plums, and complementary sweet/savory/spicy elements that make this the kind of thing you want to drink like juice. The average vine-age in this in a whopping 25+ years! From Eola Springs, Freedom Hill, Sojourner, Temperance Hill, and Vojtilla Vineyards. - Marcus

Walter Scott La Combe Verte Chardonnay 2015
$22.45 in any 12 bottle or Build a Case* order ($24.95 regular)
The most complex and complete sub-$25 Chardonnay from Oregon...and perhaps the most thirst quenching. Tangerine and peach come together with flint and white flowers, gliding on the perfectly rich yet wonderfully refreshing body. If you like classic Chardonnay and don't buy some of this then, well, you're on your own. Made from Clos des Oiseaux, Eola Springs, Freedom Hill, X Novo and Vojtilla Vineyards (the Walter Scott Chardonnay program). - Marcus

And last call on the handful of remaining Walter Scott 2014s:
$40.50 in any 12 bottle or Build a Case* order ($45.00 regular)
This wine is gorgeous. Equal parts supple, concentrated, balanced, it's damn near perfect Pinot noir. Attractive fruit, complementary sweet, savory and spicy elements. Production of Temperance Hill doubled in 2014; still there were only 150 cases made. Buy it. A Reserve Pinot Noir Club selection.

$40.50 in any 12 bottle or Build a Case* order ($45.00 regular)
Dumb Ox came on incredibly strong, showing better each time we tasted it, leaving us to think "we underrated this puppy." The final vintage shows delicious red, blue and purple fruits, with hints of violet woven throughout. Juicy and deep from start to finish, with dried thyme accents adding length. From the 24 year-old "Dumb Ox" block of Eola Springs Vineyard. 

$40.50 in any 12 bottle or Build a Case* order ($45.00 regular)
A more powerful Walter Scott wine, heaping generous black fruits, baking spices and a hint of violets. Ken's familiarity with the vineyard dates back nearly two decades to his time at St. Innocent.
*A few words from Ken and Erica about the importance of La Combe Verte:
"Famed Burgundy importer Becky Wasserman once said, 'You can always judge a great Domaine by the quality of their Bourgogne bottling.' These are words we LIVE by. We put the same care and attention to detail into our two La Combe Verte wines as we do our single vineyard selections. These are the foundation for everything that we do. It is our reputation and our life.
La Combe Verte translates to 'The Green Fault' or 'The Green Valley,' a tribute both to the incredible Willamette Valley in which we are lucky to produce wine and the amazing team at Patricia Green Cellars, whom without their support we would never have been able to start Walter Scott. Essentially, it is Patricia Green Cellars' 'fault' that we were able to start this project."