$20 Price, $40 Taste

A $20 Chard that drinks like a $40 Chard. Now that's the definition of value.

Haden Fig winemaker Erin Nuccio never (never) hypes his own wines, so when he told us "I'm really happy about that '18 Chard," we were eager to taste it. What followed was a revelation. We'll see if some of our standard-bearers of bargain Chardonnay released later this year can topple it because you're looking at the new king. Bow down and grab a case!

Texture and weight that far surpasses its value, and elevates above any previous vintage of Haden Fig Chard. Lemons, fresh fall orchard fruits (our farmers market is loaded with heirloom pears and apples, so it's fresh on my mind), subtle spice accents, warm minerals, and then that amazingly voluminous yet airy texture that lets the flavors resound like a choir in a cathedral. I made crab risotto with a fresh crab stock and this matched perfectly. - Marcus