100% Awesome, 0% Ego: Manu Propria Cab

You won't see his name on a label. It doesn't matter. His winemaking mastery doesn't involve ego.
Mike Macmorran, the winemaker behind the Mark Ryan empire, has quietly and humbly produced one of the best Washington Cabernets, period, since 2010 under his personal label, Manu Propria. We really should be underselling this because of the limited supply -- only three barrels were made -- but it's too awesome for that.  

$37.75 in any 12 bottle or Build a Case* order
($41.95 regular) 
Fact: this Cabernet is one of Washington's best, regardless of price. Run to grab it. There were only 75 cases made and one of them should be in your hands.
Already smashingly tasty, unfurling its deliciously velvety layers, building depth and intensity as it moves towards the finish. The highlights along the way: beautiful black fruits with cherry accents, liquid herbes de Provence, roasted coffee beans, sweet tobacco. Its structure is concealed by its attractiveness -- I encourage immediate enjoyment as much as I recommend stashing a few away for sometime in the next decade. 
Manu Propria Ex Animo, from the Latin meaning "by my own hand, from the heart," is Mike's statement to honor and celebrate Red Willow Vineyard and Sauers, a pioneering wine family who planted some of Washington's first Cabernet vines in 1973. - Marcus

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Marcus and Andy