Cameron Field Trip

Cameron is rarely open to the public so I couldn't resist attending their once-in-a-blue-moon open house after Thanksgiving.

The skies were angry that day my friends...Cameron's very humble winery.

John Paul holding court in his Danish work shirt. In the background, ALL of the bottled wine. It's a small operation.

2014 Rouge de Gris. Yes, Gris as in Pinot gris. Harvested after everything else, this old vine Abbey Ridge Pinot gris was fermented on the skins for a couple weeks then barrel aged for two years. It's John's ode to Stanko Radikon, and it is superb and distinct -- like nothing I've tasted from Oregon.

Perhaps you've heard my diatribe against domestic Nebbiolo, and domestic Barbera, Dolcetto and other Italian grape varietals. John's 2012 Willamette Valley, yes WILLAMETTE VALLEY Nebbiolo is the best domestic example I've ever tasted. I tried to buy enough for a wine club but with only three barrels made, struck out. Good news for the future: there will likely be enough 2014 to go biggish. In the meantime, you can arm wrestle a bottle from me. You'll probably win.